Johnny's Restaurant

Giving back is an important part of what we do

At Johnny’s Restaurant we understand the importance of giving back to our local community and we love doing so.  We have helped raise thousands of dollars for local organizations in the Union area since we opened in 2001.


We currently offer a 15% discount on scripts to our local schools that are located in Union and Washington.

Need a donation?

Are you trying to raise money for your local school, group or organization? At Johnny’s we would be happy to donate one of our $10.00 gift cards. You can add them to gift baskets, raffle them off or give them as prizes to your members.

We welcome your group / organization

- Churches

- Youth groups and schools

- Private organizations

- Charity fundraising

Let us assist you with your large fundraising event

At Johnny’s we are more than happy to help! We can assist you in raising money for your small or large fund raising efforts. Give us a call today and talk with one of experienced team and find out what we can do for you.

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